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Sub Prime Cars – Smart Releases Details for the Electric Powered fortwo

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Sub Prime Cars – Smart Releases Details for the Electric Powered fortwo

All for the preservation of the environment, Smart has just launched a battery-leasing program to go with the brand new Smart fortwo electric car which goes on sale this early 2013 and can be yours with MSG even if you are looking for Sub Prime Cars.

Powered by an electric motor and a 17.6kWh battery making 74bhp, the little electric car speeds to 37mph in a little under 5 seconds and holds its acceleration all the way until it hits its top speed of 77mph. The battery in the car is enough to last 90 miles, taking only six hours for a full charge or just one hour with the assistance of additional hardware.

There has not been any news as of yet about the price of the car in the UK but Smart has already released prices of the fortwo electric for the German market. Buyers are also presented with the option of purchasing the car with the battery outright or buy the car at the discounted rate but pay monthly battery rental.

With 19% VAT accounted into the price, the Coupe in Germany would set buyers back 18,900 euros (£15,152) with 65 euros (£52) paid monthly is battery rental fee. The cabrio version carries a price tag of 22,000 euros (£17,637). If you choose the buy the battery outright, the price for the Coupe is increased to 23,680 euros (£18,984) and the cabrio, 26,770 euros (£21,461).

Smart expects the majority of its client base to opt for the battery rental scheme since it comes with a bonus of 10-year performance guarantee, meaning that the battery pack in the fortwo electric will continue working with 80% efficiency for a decade.

MSG Cars have been helping customers get approved for Sub Prime Cars for many years now and are one of the biggest companies in the UK when it comes to finance for poor credit ratings – even items such as Debt Management or County Court Judgements.

The lease can also be transferable should you choose the sell car so the warranty is kept intact for the next buyer.

Expect the Smart fortwo electric to reach the shores of UK early 2013 in both Coupe and Cabrio body styles, costing upwards of £14,000.

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