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Rolls Royce Will Not Sell Out

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Rolls Royce Will Not Sell Out Wraith Coupe

Rolls Royce has just announced to the media that they will not sell out. Rolls Royce understands that customers who buy their cars want exclusivity and although profit is still important to the luxury car maker, the new launching of the Wraith coupe will probably not be followed by a whole heap of other products, as the big boss of Rolls Royce, Torsten Muller-Otvos reveals.

The new Wraith coupe, based on the Ghost, will start going on sale this autumn with a starting price of around £215,000. Muller-Otvos remains defensive about any expansion of the company’s range of products though, saying that it will need to be considered very carefully.

When asked why, Muller-Otvos states that while they do have the intention to steer the brand to new directions, they would need to proceed with caution as Rolls Royce has over a century of history that needs to be respected. He also pointed out that Rolls Royce has no room to expand the factory and thus production cannot be increased.

Muller-Otvos also explains that while they can also sell £150,000 cars, the fact that they can sell cars in the £200,000 range is because of the exclusivity of the car.

Muller-Otvos did reveal that Rolls Royce would launch a new product every two years. When asked about the upcoming SUV, Muller-Otvos explained that it was not the booming SUV market in China, Russia and Brazil that spawned the SUV.

He also mentions that Rolls Royce will not neglect any segment but he cannot imagine having an SUV as part of the lineup as no customers have asked them one. He also described the habit of customers having a garage full of cars comprised of different brands for different segments – a Rolls Royce for luxury, Range Rover for an SUV or Ferrari for sporting driving.


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