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Aston Martin

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Bad Credit Aston Martin from MSG Cars

Driving a new or used Aston martin doesn’t need to be a difficult process – even if you are already aware that you have adverse credit stored against your name. At MSG Cars we use a number of specialist Non Status funders to offer both Car leasing and hire purchase against ALL makes and models including Aston Martin.

All we require is that an application form is filled out and that is usually enough for us to secure an instant decision on the lending. The amount that you can loan is simple as is calculated against your monthly salary – this means the more you earn the more you can borrow. All types of credit profile are covered including if you have had NO Credit in the last few years as this can also cause customers to be declined elsewhere.

If you are looking for a no nonsense company that will listen to you case and offer you a fresh start – rebuilding your rating in the process then look no further than MSG Cars.

We are also able to provide a pre approved car loan facility so that you can purchase your new vehicle from anywhere meaning that you end up driving the car that you want and not what’s convenient to the car finance company.

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MSG Cars Car Finance and leasing for bad credit

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Common FAQ’S for Non Prime Car Funding

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With all applications you will need a Full UK passport that is valid or if this isn’t available we will need a copy of your birth certificate. The name that is on the identification needs to match that on the application form completed.

You will also need to provide two months payslips or bank statements to support your proof of income.

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The clock starts as soon as you hit send on the application form on our website and you can be assured of a quick turnaround. The great majority of customers will receive a decision Instantly with the rest within the hour and so there is no waiting days for someone to come back to you. As soon as you have then picked your new vehicle and are happy with the price we can issue your finance or lease documents for you to sign and return. All that is required then is for us to send the dealership the funds and away you go in your new motor!

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With all of our current Car Leasing and outright Finance lenders you will have to contribute some form of deposit or initial payment – either by way of cash or your existing car as part exchange. This amount on most cases works out at around four times the monthly repayment amount as a minimum but on applications with a better credit score we can offer a reduced amount of £600. The higher the deposit amount though – the lower your monthly payment will be!

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We can fund any car on finance providing it is purchased from a dealership and has less than 70,000 miles on the clock. It can be no older than 7 years in age either and we do prefer customers to use garages that have a decent forecourt with at least 10 cars for sale. It is just the same process if you were a cash buyer so even if your local dealer has declined your application we can make sure you still get the car you want.

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In the eyes of the right type of lender and Bankruptcy will usually mean that a person has no outgoings other than rent and essentials and so has a clean slate as far as credit is concerned. This means that they are much more likely to be able to afford repayments – even when compared to someone with perfect credit but lots of obligations such as Mortgage, Bank Loan, Car finance and Credit Cards! Our lenders will consider all discharged Bankrupts.

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