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New Toyota Versa Gets 175Bhp Diesel Engine

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New Toyota Versa Gets 175Bhp Diesel Engine

The new Toyota Verso with a fresh facelift has just been revealed by Toyota well ahead of the Paris Motor Show which is coming to town at the end of this month meaning that customers of MSG Cars who have perhaps had credit issues in the past and are looking for a way to still drive the car of their choice can think about placing an order.  Classed as a sub prime car user can be difficult especially if you are refused a new motor for this reason as lets face it – who hasn’t had one or two later payments at some point in their life?

To better suit Toyota’s new design language, the exterior styling of the seven seater has been changed. It now features a new trapezoidal grille and a new front bumper. The badge is also bigger now, complete with bling-bling chrome detailing.

The headlights have been changed and it now features LED daytime running lights as well as high-intensity discharge (HID) bulbs for the headlights, offered optionally. The profile of the seven-seater Verso has also changed a little. The door now comes with new mirrors and the 17” wheels look like they have been under the sun for some time as they are now darker.

Inside the car, you are surrounded by a lavish satin black paint finish, chrome accents and classy leather time, which is again offered as an option. The Verso will also be offered with a choice of seat fabrics and designs across the trim levels. To make the cabin quieter, the A-pillar is redesigned and sound damping is improved.

The new Verso also gets a bigger boot space. At 440 liters with seats folded up, it is 155 liters bigger compared to the old one. The 2.0-liter diesel engine has also been tweaked to make for better delivery of torque at low rev ranges and CO2 emissions have also been culled to a sub-130g/km level.

There will also be a new 2.2-liter diesel engine on offer which is good for 175bhp. It comes with a six-speed manual gearbox as standard but an automatic unit will also be offered. However, the automatic transmission causes the power to drop to 148bhp.

The petrol 1.6 and 1.8-liter engines are still the same as the one in its predecessor. The chassis also gets improvements – extra welding points have been added to the body to enhance its handling and chassis rigidity. The suspension is also tweaked for a comfortable ride. The electric power steering has also been adjusted for more feel and response.

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MSG Cars Car Finance and leasing for bad credit

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