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Leaked Interior Image of Jaguar F-Type May Please Purists

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Leaked Interior Image of Jaguar F-Type May Please Purists

Everyone knows that the upcoming 2014 F-Type from Jaguar would look pretty similar to the C-X16 that was previewed at the Frankfurt Auto Show in 2011. Jaguar is not the type to hold secrets back, especially not those regarding the looks of the new F-Type. However, due to generous people leaking out photos of the new F-Type and interior shots as well, we can now have a clearer picture of how the F-Type will look like inside. Bask in the glory that is the beautiful and purposeful interior of the F-Type.

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Although the details of the C-X16 and the F-Type are pretty darn similar, especially the design of the front end, there an element of the F-Type that just doesn’t quite sit very well with the car like it did the concept. Maybe this element is the roof that is missing on the F-Type roadster.

Absence of the roof or a perfect female companion, it really doesn’t matter. The Jaguar F-Type looks great as it is. For a modern Jaguar, the F-Type is actually pretty compact and a compact car means a lot of fun to drive, if and only if Jaguar did the mechanical details correctly. But judging by the details we already know about the F-Type, Jaguar may have hit a home run with this car.

When the F-Type makes it to the showrooms in 2013, it will be offered in three variations. The entry level model will be powered by 335bhp pumped by Jaguar’s new 3.0-liter V6 supercharged engine. Another step up, the F-Type will be powered with a more potent 375bhp version of the same 3.0-liter engine.

The flagship model will be powered by Jaguar’s updated V8 5.0-liter supercharged engine which will churn out somewhere north of 400bhp. This range-topping F-Type will probably be called the F-Type R.

For the purists, the F-Type will be equipped with a shift-stick manual gearbox (no paddle shifting shenanigans here). An eight-speed ZF automatic will also be also be offered.

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