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Guaranteed Car Leasing

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Guaranteed Car Leasing from MSG Cars

In the day and age of quick consumer finance and instant pay day loans a question that we are often asked is – Do you supply a Bad Credit Car Lease? In the short – there isn’t anything that’s Guaranteed apart from Birth, Death and Taxes and so we wont start to make incorrect statements such as that. What we can assure you is that if there is a company in the UK that is in the best position to offer our customers a financial solution to driving a new car – be in Leasing, Non Status Contract hire. Car Loan or Finance then its us! To have the greatest choice of which vehicle you are driving there will always be a credit search carried out and so you should be cautious of those websites that propose otherwise because realistically who would really want to risk there Businesses money on a customer who they are unable to confirm the identity or address history of. A number of the Bad Credit Car Lease companies that we operate alongside will be very flexible in regards the information that they are looking at on your profile and the main factor is usually Voters Roll trace to ensure that you are who you say you are. If there is too much recent Bad Credit this will also set alarm bells ringing so to ensure you have the very best chance of getting approved its best to try to limit the ongoing adverse you might be experiencing.While acceptance cant be promised we can also give you the best advice in relation to your personal circumstances to get you approved with one of our funders.

Do i need a deposit?

One of the biggest reasons that customers cant proceed is that they don’t have any form of deposit and so this means that we cant even send the application to the underwriters as we wouldn’t want to give you false hope or add another footprint to your credit file – however the great news is that we can now complete deals for the low deposit amount of £600. If you have a current vehicle then this can often be used as a part exchange or at the very last sold on to use the funds released.Its also a good idea to not have a high number of credit searches carried out either as this can reduce an already low rating even further and take it beyond even our Non Prime criteria. It can be tempting to complete many applications -especially when online as it only takes a few minutes but this also opens you up to potentially be relieved of your cash by companies that aren’t necessarily what they seem. The Bad Credit market is very attractive to many other companies that don’t actually have anything to do with cars such as Debt Management, IVA, Payday loan, Secured Loan and even Fee charging loan brokers. Stories told by our customers include being informed by online ‘finance’ companies that they are approved and need to pay an approval fee but then later being told this really means they have 6 months to find them an approval. At MSG Cars we only deal with Cars and if we don’t get a customer into a vehicle then we don’t get paid – simple.

What do i do next?

To proceed with an application or to simply see if we can get you a credit line for non status car leasing all we need is that you fill in one of our online application forms and the great majority of time we will get an instant decision. Your dedicated consultant will then be in touch to explain the full operation but the basic requirements are clear copies of drivers licence and passport along with two months proof of income. Dependent upon the level of approval your case gets the variety of cars offered can range from any car upto 7 years old with a UK dealership to a restricted of models with a short term leasing supplier we use.

Common FAQ’S for Sub Prime Car Leasing

How quick can you arrange everything?

I have married since i got my passport - will this matter?

What do i need to provide?

Do i have to pay a deposit?

Can i pick my own car like mainstream leasing?

Im looking for a 6 month deal is this possible?

Who pays for the road tax on my lease car?

Does a debt management plan mean i have no chance?


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