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Bad Credit Car Finance favorite Infiniti’s Mistake Causes Leak of Q50

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Bad Credit Car Finance favorite Infiniti’s Mistake Causes Leak of Q50

It might not have been available in the UK that long now but its sure a firm favorite with our Bad Credit Car Finance customers. No thanks to its American profile and links to the Nissan motor group combined with some innovative and fresh vehicle ideas the brand is now often seen on the countries roads.

Due to a small mistake, photos of the new Infiniti Q50 have accidentally been leaked online on the official Canadian website of Infiniti. Thus, here we are with a beautiful image of the soon to be released saloon taking a corner gracefully on a mountain pass.

The Q50, meant to give the BMW 3 Series a run for its money, was not supposed to be revealed this early, as Infiniti was holding out until the Detroit Motor Show press days start to make its official debut. We do not know if the leak was intentional or it was genuinely a mistake or an accident, causing the car to be revealed a day early, however the images did not stick long on the website though as it was promptly removed. Count yourself lucky for being a reader of this blog because the image will stay here.

Although the full details of the Infiniti Q50 is still undisclosed, it is obvious from the image that the new car displays very heavy inspiration in terms of exterior design from the all-electric Infiniti LE concept which first appeared at the 2012 New York Motor Show.

A rather curvy grille (which looks somewhat like the new Lexus grille) stands out on the nose of the Q50. Twin exhaust tips also complete the design of the car. There is also an inverted dent in the C-pillar.

The design of the exterior is minimalist because the focus is in the interior as the A50 aims to have an even more lavish interior compared to its predecessor which is the G-series saloon.

Although the Infiniti LE concept was powered completely by electric, the Q50 is expected to be equipped with V6 petrol engines and also a hybrid petrol-electric option. The Q50 will also its first debut in Europe at the Geneva Motor Show in March. It will be featured with four-cylinder petrol and diesel engines sourced from Mercedes.

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