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Welcome to MSG Non Status

We specialise in helping customers no matter what credit rating they possess. We offer guidance and solutions for all situations including Bankruptcy, IVA, Debt Mangement and Mortgage arrears for both business customers and individuals. Our close relationships with our funders mean that we can usually give applicants an Instant Decision and credit limit while our experienced Vehicle Consultants are here to explain each and every step of the process.

We're passionate about helping customers and pride ourselves on the many Customer Reviews we receive each month so why not check them out or simply fill in the online application form to get your Non Status Car Finance and Leasing proposal underway.

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It's the fun part to pick your new motor and even easier with your own dedicated account manager to give you some extra ideas.Why not take advantage of one of our recommended dealerships or simply use your preferred local option. MSG Dealerships

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One of the best features of working online is that we can email your documents to print off at home and all that is left is to fax or scan them back. To understand how our process works why not click below to see the Frequently asked Questions? How it Works

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We are dedicated to offer you the best service and so you can usually expect your new vehicle to be paid for within 24 hours leaving you free to drive it away from the dealership - hassle free. For any distance sales delivery can also be arranged to home or work. Contact Us

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Bad Credit Car Lease Related

Non Status Contract Hire

 Non Status Contract Hire

An excellent choice for those looking to rebuild their credit rating and drive a new car at the same time.

Non Status Car Leasing

Non Status Car Leasing

With stock always available you can be guaranteed of the very quickest service once you are approved on your car.

Car Leasing Bad Credit

Car Leasing bad credit

Don't worry about your credit file as a Bad Credit Car Lease gives you the fresh start to drive the car you want.

Cars With Bad Credit

If you are looking to buy a new car but have been having trouble getting approved for motor finance then our Guaranteed contract hire offers are just what you have been looking for. MSG are able to get you car finance on the vehicle of your choice even if you have a bad credit rating or have been turned down by other lenders for reasons such as no credit rating. The guaranteed contract hire companies that we use have a much lower scoring system or method of looking at your application than the mainstream car finance and car loan funders. A car lease is now the first choice for many UK motorists when buying a new car for many reasons. With a fixed monthly payment and no lump sum to pay at the end it ensures that the end user doesn’t need to worry about depreciation of the vehicle. Non status car leasing or Non status contract hire as it is also known can help those who would struggle to get approved by the high street finance companies and so usually miss out on car leasing. Our funders are able to underwrite most people for Non status car leasing no matter what your circumstances. Here at MSG Leasing we are able to supply you Non status contract hire, car leasing and guaranteed stock for car finance on any UK car or van - even if you have a bad credit rating, been previously refused finance, have adverse information registered such as CCJ’S - defaults - Iva or even a previous Bankruptcy. A Non status contract hire agreement can help you to drive the car of your choice when you are finding it difficult to get approved with mainstream finance companies or have no credit rating. Unlike other car leasing companies - we are able to assist.  Bad Credit Car Leasing and Car finance with bad credit Have you been refused finance for your car by the motor finance companies? If yes, do not sweat it and simply visit MSG Leasing to apply for a Bad credit car leasing deal. At MSG Car Leasing, we offer you the benefit of bad credit car leasing for fund your new car. This is an excellent option to consider if you want to make regular monthly payments on a new or nearly new vehicle and dont with to own the vehicle outright at the end. Getting car finance with bad credit through MSG Cars is typically spread over 3 or 4 years time and will include road tax every year with the monthly cost. Bad Credit Car Finance MSG Leasing provides a Bad credit car Finance contract even for those who have already been rejected for motor finance by the motor finance companies. Our hire purchase or car finance for bad credit PCP approach is so simple that you just have to give us the model and make of the desired car and we will give you with a monthly payment quote. Guaranteed car finance stock To drive the latest vehicle of your dreams, all you have to do is fill an application for cheap contract hire with MSG Cars and we will make it happen. Our Guaranteed car finance agreement can certainly help you in driving the car of your choice, even if you have been previously rejected. At MSG we can offer you a number of different products in your search for a new vehicle. Bad credit car leasing - For those customers looking for a contract hire car or van who have had bad credit problems. Bad credit leasing - Car leasing is one of the areas of the motor industry in which more and more UK motorists are considering. Guaranteed car lease - The car finance and guaranteed car loan packages that we provide are for all makes and models. Non status van lease - If you are a business owner or are self employed and need help in replacing your old vehicle we can help. Credit rating explained - We are all familiar with the term ‘credit rating’ but how many actually know what it means. Low credit score.This is a factor that many UK customers come across but what does it actually mean? With the advent of the so called credit crisis over the last few years it has proven much more difficult to find a finance lender who has a flexible approach in its decision making process. We have found that a Car Finance with bad credit product is in high demand in the United Kingdom with more and more of the population falling into what is called the Sub Prime. Bad credit car finance is a term that you might well have come across frequently on your searches on the Internet before you came to our website and it is an area that is highly specialised. MSG Cars are a company that deal primarily in obtaining car finance and car leasing for those customers that the mainstream lenders just don’t want to assist. Car finance, Hire purchase, Car loan, PCP, Personal contract purchase - what ever you want to call it is one of the main options that our customers choose to use when funding their new car from MSG. This type of funding usually requires a deposit or initial payment to be made - typically around 4 times whatever the monthly cost is and then a fixed term repayment plan until the vehicle is paid off in full. There are a whole host of options to consider when looking for guaranteed car finance, non status contract hire, bad credit car leasing or a guaranteed car loan. When looking on the internet its likely that you have come across a number of sites making promises about offering you acceptance or approval for funding and we hope that we can offer you clarity in a confusing area of finance. The number of car finance products that are available from MSG Cars include both Bad credit car leasing, Hire purchase or standard finance or even a Car lease for Business customers. The number of types of vehicles available includes everything from a small Ford Fiesta and Nissan Micra type, SUV models, People Carriers and also Premoum motors such as Mercedes, BMW and Audi. The areas that we cover with car finance for bad credit are the entire United Kingdom and delivery is Nationwide.

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